When Your Unfinished Ads Fly Free

When it comes to ad testing, security is critical. Companies usually try lots of different concepts before they settle on the “real” advertisement. But if an unfinished ad is inadvertently released publicly, it can be a public relations disaster.

Ford Motor Company recently had such a crisis. As reported in the Sydney Morning Herald, some offensive ads created by an ad agency were leaked, leading to an apology by the car giant.

According to the Herald, “One drawing features Paris Hilton with reality television counterparts Khloe, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian, who are tied up and bound while they squeeze into the back of the car. In a second drawing, former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi poses with three scantily clad women who are similarly bound and tied.”



We do not condone these ads in any way. But this public relations crisis underscores the point that security is key when it comes to ads that are still in development.

Heretofore most ad testing has been done in-person, and to some extent online. But mobile ad testing was a no go until the advent of MediaBunker from Survey Analytics.

MediaBunker includes BunkerBuster technology which allows the user to delete any media from compromised tablets and smartphones.

Media bunker-vertical black 500

To learn how MediaBunker works, sign up to participate in the webinar “How to Do Ad Testing on Tablets and Smartphones,” in which Greg Bender of Survey Analytics will give a demonstration of this innovative product.

Marketing Pros Rate Fiat Super Bowl Ad Tops Using SurveySwipe

FIAT’s “Seduction” topped the field in a real-time poll of selected Super Bowl commercials by marketing and advertising professionals at Seattle’s third Annual Chalk Talk event. Interestingly, parent company FIAT’s advertisement slightly edged out Chrysler Corp’s “Halftime in America” spot. Coming in last among the commercials rated was GE’s “Power and Beer.”

Organized by the Puget Sound American Marketing Association and the Ad Club, and moderated by former NFL quarterback Brock Huard, attendees were able to rate a selection of Super Bowl ads real time with SurveyAnalyticsSurveySwipe smartphone app. Once downloaded, the SurveySwipe app enabled the audience to receive survey invitations via push notifications on their smartphones as the advertisements were replayed. Respondents then completed brief questionnaires on their smartphone, and immediately submitted their ratings. Results were then displayed real time to the audience. Said one attendee “This is a real cool way to measure the pulse of an audience in real time.”

Participants rated each commercial on a five point scale, where 1 = Hate it, 2 = Don’t like it, 3 = Neutral, 4 = Like it and 5 = Love it.

99Designs Uses Crowd Sourcing to Help You Design Logo’s, Business Cards and More

I’m launching a subscription, members-only site for CEOs with no marketing department.  If you’ve ever watched Rachel Ray on “30-Minute Meals“, you’ll understand what it’s all about.

There is no shortage of marketing advice – -and it all sounds good.  But it’s the DOING that seems to get everyone’s undies in a bunch.  So, the idea is to create a space where CEOs with no marketing department can take 30 minutes out of their day, read, learn and implement a simple marketing concept and be done with it.

How 99Designs Uses Crowd Sourcing to Design and Choose Logos

I need a logo!  I have a designer that I normally use, but this time, I thought I’d try 99Designs.com.  It’s a crowd sourcing design web site where you post your idea as a project and watch the designs pour in.

They’ve systematized the design interview and I have to say that I’m impressed.  I posted the project less than 24 hours ago and have already received 6 design options and 3 of them were really – really good.

But the feature I’d like to share with you is their new voting feature that actually allows you to send a link with the designs to your network and allow them to vote for their favorite.

The voting basically occurs as a poll – here’s the link to take a look and vote yourself if you like: http://99designs.com/logo-design/vote-tzv3heF

Should Freelance Designers Crawl Under a Rock?

So you might think that freelance designers should be in an uproar about this DIY Marketing tool – huh?  Well I say that freelance designers should REJOICE !  This is an amazing opportunity for freelancers to promote themselves for other higher-profit work.

It’s targeted advertising – you invest your time for a smaller fee, but the design you submit and the designs that win will win you happy, loyal customers who would be happy to pay a higher price for what you’re offering.

The Versatility of Crow Sourcing is Growing

IdeaScale has been our crowd sourcing tool and has been really popular – but the point of this post is to show you that the crowd sourcing trend is moving into all kinds of applications.

A few lessons from the 99Designs experience:

  • Integrate your survey with social media.  The voting process they have is easy and fun to use.  It easily integrates with my social media accounts AND my Gmail account.  So I was able to invite my colleagues and friends to vote as well.
  • Look for ways to integrate crowd sourcing into other aspects of your business.  Chances are that you may not have considered all the different ways in which you can now quickly and easily integrate the wisdom of the crowds into your projects.  Put simply, if it’s not proprietary – it’s a candidate for crowd sourcing.

So let’s see which logo wins and if the wisdom of the crowds matches my preference!

Creative Segmentation Methods That Will Help You Identify New Opportunities

Segmentation has been around for so long, that we often take it for granted, and yet it continues to be the most powerful, lowest cost and most effective marketing tool we have access to.

In the most basic sense, we segment our audience and our customers because it’s more cost effective and more efficient to group them into clusters that will react similarly to a specific message.  For example, men between the ages of 19 and 25 who are currently attending college are very different from women between the ages of 35 and 45  who live in mid Western suburbs.  Although both of these groups might purchase Hamburger Helper, they have different reasons and different perceived benefits.

Malcolm Gladwell Talks About Spaghetti Sauce Segments

This is a fascinating story about how Campbell’s Soup discovered an unmet need by looking at their customers’ preferences for different types of spaghetti sauce rather than just their demographics.

Segments Can Come From Anywhere

Don’t get stuck in the rut of simply creating segments out of demographics, psychographics or benefits.  S-T-R-E-T-C-H  yourself and your outlook and start exploring segmentation opportunities.

In the new book “The 24-Hour Customer” Adrian Ott explores the new product opportunities and ideas that were uncovered when researchers realized that we only spend about 28% of our time shopping (this includes researching as well as buying).  That’s not so shocking.  But get this — given out increased exposure to new products and services as well as our ability to shop online hasn’t made an impact on that figure anywhere in the world.  In other words – there are more products competing for that same slice of time.  In this case, pulling out TIME and our interaction with it turned out to be an interesting segment.

Take Another Look At Segmentation

If it’s been a while since you’ve looked at segmentation — then read this article by Nico Peruzzi over at Research Access.  He pulls together an outstanding overview of segmentation that you can use to get your creative juices flowing.

What have been your experiences with segmentation?  Have you ever found yourself finding a new opportunity by segmenting differently?  Share your segmentation tips and experiences in our comment section.

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Conversations on the Future of Ad Agencies

As technology has taken a bite out of the creative work that ad agencies did for so many years, there has been a lot of discussion as to whether agencies are headed for extinction or what the new role of the ad agency is.

Recently, I was interviewed for an article in Advertising Age — where I talked about the DIY Marketing trend and how it has taken a slice of the traditional ad agency pie.  I later had to come back and add the REST of my comment that didn’t make it into the article — that agencies have tremendous opportunities in this new world of marketing.  You’ll want to check out the comments just to see how emotional some of the responses are.

Now, check out this article over at Research Access where our resident expert, Steven Salta from Ascentium Corporation, The Experience Agency™, gives us his thoughts on the future of advertising and agencies.

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