The Benefits of Conjoint Segmentation in Product Development

Conjoint Segmentation

Conjoint analysis is a popular method used to direct and optimize product or brand development. Values that are analyzed through conjoint are attributes such as price, color, guarantee, environmental impact, reliability, ingredients, taste, feel, and more. The results from thorough conjoint analysis allow companies to predict product performance in areas that were not tested. Continue reading

Webinar: Mobile Field Data Collection on iPads and Tablets Using SurveyPocket

It’s no secret that iPads and other tablet computers are changing the way people interact and communicate.

Did you know they are also changing the way we collect data?

In market research, many field teams are replacing pencil and paper with electronic tablet devices. Others are evaluating their options for doing so.

Have you heard the hype and want to join in on the action? Are you a bit overwhelmed when you think about getting started?

SurveyPocketScreenShotJoin us on Wednesday March 7th, 2012 at 10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST for a free webinar hosted by Esther LaVielle and John Johnson from Survey Analytics. With over 12 years of combined experience in project management, market research, and software application training, Esther and John are here to train you and offer free guidelines how to use SurveyPocket to:

– Create and manage your own field project
– Train and manage your field research team on tablet use
– Synchronize/organize all data into an online report
– Share your field research results with your clients faster than ever before with dashboards and alerts

We will also share:

– A live demonstration of SurveyPocket, including new features
– Case studies from two of our clients: St. Jude Medical and the Country Music Awards

The webinar will conclude with a Q&A session.

See you there!

Here’s the link to register:

Stay On The Cutting Edge and Be A Leader In Your Field With Offline Multimedia Survey Integration

People have been discovering ways to take advantage of recording tools to capture multimedia in a survey for later review. As SurveyPocket has evolved, we understand the importance of multimedia incorporation in market research. SurveyPocket has gone beyond existing traditional survey administration. Not only does the application run on your mobile device; it also allows for surveys to be administered while there is no internet connection.

So, of course, keeping with our trend of ingenuity, we now offer offline capabilities to record multimedia. Recording Audio, Photos, and Video is now flawlessly integrated in SurveyPocket.

What are the benefits for a surveyor you ask? For one, it has been proven that the combination of audio and visual stimulus increases retention. Also, electronic recording requires little attention during the interview, as there are no tapes to change, no additional equipment to set up and no distraction during the interview.  Feedback from respondents and interviewers indicates that most people forget about digital recording when the microphone is internal, once the interview gets underway.

Once a survey has been administered, the survey answers can later be reviewed; pausing to understand the question or pause at unnatural places while inventing an answer. Some key metrics to look at when considering using multimedia in your survey include:

  • Diary keeping keeping: More effective than traditional paper and pencil
  • Time critical applications:  Quick feedback on time sensitive issues (e.g. for audience research)
  • Proliferation of channels mean the consumers have a huge range of ways in which they can “touch” a brand
  • Need to get a good understanding of which channels and which messages are most effective
  • Need to capture the full range of ways in which consumers come into contact with a brand
  • Need to get the information quickly and efficiently so can change direction if necessary – rather than relying on recall often well after the event on recall often well after the event

Brand exposure: 

  • Which brand / where / take picture

Brand perception:

  • Relationship with brand as if it were a person
  • Whether contact with brand changed perception
  • Data tracked in real time to see impact of messages tracked in real time

Give the SurveyPocket application a try and enjoy the intuitive, highly revolutionary application that is advancing the way market research is executed! 

How the iPad Helps Market Researchers’ Efficiency and the Environment

Being someone who loves taking advantage of technology and also caring about the environment, I was pleased when Apple released the iPad Environmental Report. I always wonder what the environmental impact of my gadgets have. Are they better or worse on the environment? Can we recycle more parts of electronics or is it better to use pen, pencils, paper, …? To summarize what iPad’s carbon emissions is in comparison to paper books, the equation breaks down to:

  • 1 iPad = 17.4 physical paper books
  • 1 iPad = infinite paper, pens, pencils, …

In market research, by using an iPad to administer surveys, there is an obvious reduction of resources. An important purpose the majority of companies share, is to show the necessity of environmental protection. We’re seeing many companies making use of mobile device applications and saving the resources that were once used by these companies.

The iPad is free of BFRs, BFR, arsenic, and mercury, which basically means brominated flame retardants -> *“have known toxic properties, are highly resistant to degradation in the environment and are able to bioaccumulate (build up in animals and humans).” In addition, the iPad is *“highly recyclable,” and has a PVC-free system, and this just means it’s free of polyvinyl chloride, a chlorinated plastic that *“presents environmental problems and human health concerns throughout its lifecycle,”.

Hopefully, this will help you appreciate that Apple has done its part  to make the iPad environmentally friendly.