How to do Ad Testing on Tablets and Smartphones: A Webinar Replay

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In our latest webinar, we demonstrated how to conduct ad testing, and specifically how you can do ad testing on tablets and smartphones. Learn the traditional ways of testing ads and get introduced new ways to test ads on your mobile devices.  Advertising today is more innovative and risk taking than ever before. It is important to collect data and make sure that you are sending the right message to the right demographic in advertising. Taking your ad testing mobile can help you achieve this and have better insights on how to effectively advertise.

Up until recently there were limitations to testing ads on mobile devices. You may be asking yourself questions such as – Why test ads on mobile devices? Why not test ads the way it is already being done? A lot has changed in the past several years, and mobile devices are a huge part of our lives day in and day out.  With ad testing on tablets and smartphones, you can test the reaction to advertising in the moment and collect feedback from your target audience. You can verify who is responding to your ads by actual seeing them in person, and being able to tell that they are who they actually say they are. Most importantly, you can see the return on investment from your advertising and methods used to test your various types of media.

If your ads are sensitive materials, there is no need to worry. Your information will not get into the wrong hands because you can instantly delete the mobile device of content – something you can’t do with computers.

We invite you to watch a replay of our webinar and access the slides from the presentation below.


The Benefits of Conjoint Segmentation in Product Development

Conjoint Segmentation

Conjoint analysis is a popular method used to direct and optimize product or brand development. Values that are analyzed through conjoint are attributes such as price, color, guarantee, environmental impact, reliability, ingredients, taste, feel, and more. The results from thorough conjoint analysis allow companies to predict product performance in areas that were not tested. Continue reading

How to Do iPad and Android Tablet Surveys

SurveyPocket for iPad, Android Tablet and Even iTouch and Smartphone Surveys

SurveyPocket for iPad, Android Tablet – and even iTouch and Smartphone Surveys

SurveyPocket is a mobile field research app that allows your field data collection team to ditch the pen and paper and use an iPad, Android tablet – or even a smartphone or iTouch – for field research & data collection.

SurveyPocket uses Survey Analytics or QuestionPro for survey creation and analysis. The app can collect data in either online or offline mode – valuable when there is no wi-fi connection available.  This app has more question types and logic options than any other solution.

Watch this video to get a detailed demonstration of SurveyPocket, including a very valuable new feature – the ability to scan barcodes, which is very valuable to distributors, retailers and product manufacturers.

Webinar: Mobile Field Data Collection on iPads and Tablets Using SurveyPocket

It’s no secret that iPads and other tablet computers are changing the way people interact and communicate.

Did you know they are also changing the way we collect data?

In market research, many field teams are replacing pencil and paper with electronic tablet devices. Others are evaluating their options for doing so.

Have you heard the hype and want to join in on the action? Are you a bit overwhelmed when you think about getting started?

SurveyPocketScreenShotJoin us on Wednesday March 7th, 2012 at 10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST for a free webinar hosted by Esther LaVielle and John Johnson from Survey Analytics. With over 12 years of combined experience in project management, market research, and software application training, Esther and John are here to train you and offer free guidelines how to use SurveyPocket to:

– Create and manage your own field project
– Train and manage your field research team on tablet use
– Synchronize/organize all data into an online report
– Share your field research results with your clients faster than ever before with dashboards and alerts

We will also share:

– A live demonstration of SurveyPocket, including new features
– Case studies from two of our clients: St. Jude Medical and the Country Music Awards

The webinar will conclude with a Q&A session.

See you there!

Here’s the link to register:

Stay On The Cutting Edge and Be A Leader In Your Field With Offline Multimedia Survey Integration

People have been discovering ways to take advantage of recording tools to capture multimedia in a survey for later review. As SurveyPocket has evolved, we understand the importance of multimedia incorporation in market research. SurveyPocket has gone beyond existing traditional survey administration. Not only does the application run on your mobile device; it also allows for surveys to be administered while there is no internet connection.

So, of course, keeping with our trend of ingenuity, we now offer offline capabilities to record multimedia. Recording Audio, Photos, and Video is now flawlessly integrated in SurveyPocket.

What are the benefits for a surveyor you ask? For one, it has been proven that the combination of audio and visual stimulus increases retention. Also, electronic recording requires little attention during the interview, as there are no tapes to change, no additional equipment to set up and no distraction during the interview.  Feedback from respondents and interviewers indicates that most people forget about digital recording when the microphone is internal, once the interview gets underway.

Once a survey has been administered, the survey answers can later be reviewed; pausing to understand the question or pause at unnatural places while inventing an answer. Some key metrics to look at when considering using multimedia in your survey include:

  • Diary keeping keeping: More effective than traditional paper and pencil
  • Time critical applications:  Quick feedback on time sensitive issues (e.g. for audience research)
  • Proliferation of channels mean the consumers have a huge range of ways in which they can “touch” a brand
  • Need to get a good understanding of which channels and which messages are most effective
  • Need to capture the full range of ways in which consumers come into contact with a brand
  • Need to get the information quickly and efficiently so can change direction if necessary – rather than relying on recall often well after the event on recall often well after the event

Brand exposure: 

  • Which brand / where / take picture

Brand perception:

  • Relationship with brand as if it were a person
  • Whether contact with brand changed perception
  • Data tracked in real time to see impact of messages tracked in real time

Give the SurveyPocket application a try and enjoy the intuitive, highly revolutionary application that is advancing the way market research is executed! 

We Don’t Have To Forget How To Do Research With Surveys, Just Merge and Evolve the Process A Little

Do you remember back in the day when Pee-Wee Herman would get a “secret word” from Conky? In the 80’s, Conky was a masterpiece of technology and Pee-Wee was a tech-savvy guy, surrounded by cool gadgets and gizmos. Turns out, Pee-Wee’s still showing off his love of technology, and he still hangs with his old crew. These days, Conky still gives a “secret word” each day, but now he’s sending it to Pee-Wee’s iPad! **SCREAM**

The way that we’ve come to know how surveys are created, administered, and reporting can be broken down into a few very basic steps. Let’s break these steps down and compare this OLD process to a TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED process:

1) Create A Survey For A Research Purpose

SCENARIO: Let’s say a company wants to do research. Well, first thing that needs to be done is figuring out the questions. All right, questions figured out.

OLD: Ok, so we know the questions we want to ask. Now we’ll go ahead and enter each question into a document. That’s easy enough.

NEW: Hey, what’s this? Survey Analytics is survey software that let’s me create surveys online? Nice! I could take the opportunity to share all of the rockin’ abilities Survey Analytics gives us, but if you don’t know, then get on it & check out the website!

2) Field Researchers Collect Survey Data

SCENARIO: Researchers are set up and sent off to collect survey data.

OLD: Equipped with a clipboard, a short pencil, and a stack of paper, the researcher is set to go. Respondent #1 is approached and the survey begins. Each answer is written down as fast as a person can write. Oh, look – people are passing by while the surveyor is writing down the answers. Goodbye potential respondents, hello cramping hands.

NEW: Oh, SurveyPocket, how I love thee! Since surveys were created online using Survey Analytics, I can synchronize SurveyPocket on my iPad with my Survey Analytics account and my surveys magically appear on my iPad! On SurveyPocket, just hop on an internet connection, press “Synchronize”, and voila! All of my surveys are now on my iPad. Worried about no internet connection? Well, that’s where SurveyPocket has leapt ahead in innovation. After synchronizing with your online account when connected to the internet,  SurveyPocket can be taken fully offline and surveys can be administered.

3) These Recorded Answers Are Then Manually Transposed, 1-by-1, To Create A Report

SCENARIO: It’s time to enter data into the main system so that we can get reports generated.

OLD: Survey #1: question 1 transposed, question 2 transposed, … now to Survey #2… Wait – I have 3500 surveys to transpose?! Hope I don’t *lose* some data along the way!

NEW: Internet + The “Synchronize” button on SurveyPocket. All data uploaded to your SurveyAnalytics account. Phew… that was hard work!

4) Reports Complete

SCENARIO: All of the data has made it’s way to being analyzed for reporting.

OLD: Now to go through all of the data and find some patterns, calculate some percentages, and whatever else needs to be done.

NEW: One sec… looking at the reporting section on Survey Analytics to see the results and report.

SurveyPocket Backs Up Your Survey Data With Every Synchronization!

What a relief it is to know that my synchronized data is also being stored directly on my device! Yet another advantage in innovation SurveyPocket has created for itself. No more worrying that the data you synchronized disappeared into the ether!

How do I retrieve backed up data directly off of my iOS device?

The logging ability allows you to have a backup of survey data taken from SurveyPocket. AFTER SYNCHRONIZATION between SurveyPocket and your online Survey Analytics account, a data file is created and stored within your device. *By having access to this data, your customer representative is able to retrieve data that may not have appropriately synchronized.

For Macintosh users, in order to look inside of your device’s files, you will need to first acquire a third party application called “PhoneView” (this works for all iOS devices). You can download a demo version of this application here

For Windows users, according to the PhoneView website’s FAQ: “At this time, PhoneView is Mac-only. We recommend TouchCopy for Windows users.” We encourage you to explore this application, as it is very similar to PhoneView.

First off, download the appropriate third party application. We will be using PhoneView for this demo.

When you first open the PhoneView application, you will see this view:

Now, connect your iOS device to your computer. You will see that your device is connected:

Open PhoneView -> Preferences:

Inside of Preferences, click on “Show Entire Disk (Advanced Mode)

Once you’ve turned on the ability to “Show Entire Disk”, you’re now able to look inside of your device’s documents.

To see your logging file, go to Apps/SurveyPocket/Documents/SurveyLogs/

You will now see folders named with the customer ID associated with each device key used. The file is named with the customer ID, the date, and the time the synchronization occurred. Send this file to your customer service representative and that’s it!

*Please Note: Corrupt or unsupported question

How To Represent For Your Demographic

Why is it important to collect a survey-taker’s contact information? Well, there are a lot of reasons why giving your contact information helps surveyors. With SurveyPocket’s new ability to collect contact information, we’ve added the efficiency for defining demographics, which gives SurveyPocket yet another advantage for a wider range of survey types.

Each address or name is selected at random to represent hundreds or thousands of others. We are not able to substitute another name or address for yours, and if you don’t participate it means that people like you are less represented in the information we provide to decision-makers. Your participation is voluntary but we encourage you to consider the important uses of the data we collect. Your information will be combined with other participants in the form of statistical data and your identity will never be connected to your responses.

How to add a Contact Information type question for SurveyPocket:

Click on the Add New Question button and select the Contact Information question type option from the Standard Questions drop menu.

Select contact information type to be added by respondent

On SurveyPocket the question will display as follows:


SurveyPocket App Adds Rank Order Survey Question While Offline

As SurveyPocket evolves, we’re seeing exciting offline question type support continue to increase. One of the latest offline capabilities added is Rank Order question functionality, which allows survey takers to rank items in order of preference by selecting a numeric value for each answer prompt.

Are you familiar with doing field research? Imagine conducting survey after survey, carrying and collecting all of that paper, just to have to later input the collected data into your online account . Now imagine carrying an iPad, with no worries of internet since SurveyPocket supports fully offline abilities. Later, once you have internet, just sync your iPad with your online Survey Analytics with a touch of a button.

Try it out. It’s free!

Rank Order Question on SurveyPocket

How to add a Rank Order Question and view in SurveyPocket?

Step 1: Under the Edit Survey page click on the Add New Question link:

Step 2: From the Standard Question types select the Rank Order question type.

Step 3: Now enter in the Question text and the Answer options and save the question.

Step 4: Create a device key to test on the SurveyPocket app.

Step 5: Pull up the SurveyPocket App on your iPad or iPhone and type in the device key.

Step 6: Pull up the survey in the iPad and view the Rank Order question.

Step 7:  After filling out the survey, make sure to synchronize and to view data online.

How Data Collection Is Fundamental To Your Nonprofit

When we think of surveys, there’s a tendency to think surveys are limited to fulfilling market research, we think scientific research, and we think of many other uses for surveys. However, another priceless way to think of data collection is to apply this idea to writing grant letters.

The most important aspect in running a nonprofit is by funding services with donations and grants. As a founder of a nonprofit organization, I’ve learned that in applying for a grant, you must, in short, “prove” your organization is making a difference.

How do nonprofits prove their success rate? By surveying the population you are helping, you collect the necessary metrics needed for writing any grant letter. I’ve found paper surveys and data analysis to be cumbersome. Reviewing many clients’ data is not a one time process. There are followups after followups with the population you help in order to graphically analyze metrics and submit these with your grant request.

While being a founder of a nonprofit, I’m also a technophile and a software developer. I’m always looking for the most efficient operation, and embracing technology has become the most natural path to success. Technology wouldn’t advance if there weren’t a need or use found while on this evolutionary path in technology.

When I first heard about what SurveyAnalytics had to offer, I was ecstatic to have a place where I could collect infinite data and easily organize and review what my metrics looked like. The only challenge I found, was that I still needed to transfer our paper-collected data into my SurveyAnalytics account.

I remember thinking, “Wouldn’t it be great if I could skip the data transfer process from paper to my SurveyAnalytics account?”. It was near this time when SurveyAnalytics released a mobile application that would allow me to collect data from my iPhone/iTouch/iPad anywhere! Silly as it may seem, my heart fluttered at having the technology I needed.

Then, I was met with a situation I didn’t expect. My organization is mobile and we visit other organizations to give our services. Since many of these organizations are confidential, I would sometimes not have access to WiFi on my device. Those were times when I would reach for those inefficient (and paper-wasting) surveys.

Alas, SurveyAnalytics’ mobile application evolved into SurveyPocket. SurveyPocket now met all of my  needs by incorporating online surveys and offline surveys! SurveyPocket enables offline surveys which I absolutely love because I don’t need to depend on always having internet access. Once I do have internet, I simply upload the surveys I’ve taken offline to my SurveyAnalytics account online.

To summarize, with so much work to do in running a nonprofit, why not take away hours, or even days, of tedious data entry for analysis? I’m excited to be on both sides of this project, in helping SurveyPocket’s evolution by helping to develop the product, and by reaping the benefits for my nonprofit. Embrace technology, you can save a lot of time for the things in life that matter to you most.