How Will Gaming Influence the Survey Experience

The survey experience has the potential to really be “on the move”.  We can take surveys on our mobile devices and that really has the potential to lighten the experience.

To make surveys more mobile, we’ve started thinking about them differently, making them shorter, making them more interactive (as in being able to take pictures of our environment with SurveySwipe) and finally, maybe making them more interactive and fun!

On the SurveyAnalytics blog, we’re exploring the ways in which the action of clicking on box on an online survey is a different experience from actually being in a “game like” environment where you are moving through space and making decisions.

There’s also a Gaming Infographic featured on the blog that goes through some amazing statistics that are really fun to think about as we go about the business of creating feedback.

In what ways can you see surveys morphing and changing?

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