Feature Enhancement: SurveyPocket Online Connect

As more field researchers are moving towards using mobile applications for data collection, SurveyPocket is the only iPad survey  app that can now support BOTH online and offline data collection capabilities.

We’ve recently added the Online Connect option which would give your field team flexibility to use the application anyway you want. If you have wifi access in the field  you can create advanced surveys as seen on the online survey platform. It will also allow your team to collect and view all of your data from the field team in real-time.

The Online Connect option allows you to access all surveys from your account on your iPad/iPhone/iTouch. If a survey has branching logic it can only be accessed online. You can enable the online connect option under Settings for SurveyPocket.
Survey Software Help Image

When online connect is enabled, all surveys will show up including the surveys with braching/skip logic.

If you intend to use the Online Connect, make sure to format your survey and test the survey on your iPad or iPhone/iPod Touch prior to your field study.

Survey Software Help Image

Users can select the survey they want to take and complete the survey. Below is an example of a Gamer Survey. Once the data is collected login into your account and click on Reports to view real-time data.

Survey Software Help Image

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